Our Vision

Apoverty free,Equitable, and environmentally sustainable society

Our Mission

Better lives through:

Empowered communities

Gender equality

Support Youth

Environmental Conservation

What we do

For more than 30 years ,Friends in Development (FIDE) has been working together with local communities to alleviate extreme poverty by;

>Empowering women and Youth
>Improving Agriculture and livestock systems
>Promoting renewable energy
>Protecting and distributing village water supplies
>Supporting environmental conservation

Empowering Women & Youth

  • Enhanced earnings and livelihoods of women and youth through production and entrepreneurship
  • Training women on entrepreneurship skills
  • Facilitating women and youth on the formation of income-generating groups
  • Facilitate women to form Village Saving and Loans association (VSLA) and train them on VSLA management

Improving Crops & Livestock

  • Mobilize and form farmers groups
  • Train the community on Climate-resilient and sustainable agriculture practices
  • Increased community skills in climate -resilient and sustainable agriculture (Agroecology)
  • Increasing sunflower, pigeon peas and maize value chain production
  • Train community on the preservation of farm soil

Support Environmental conservation & Promoting Renewable Energy

  • Empower village environment Committee (VEC)
  • Establishing tree nurseries and tree planting campaign
  • Engage communities in biodiversity conservation
  • Support institutions and households with energy-saving stoves
  • Strength school environmental clubs
  • Installing biogas plants
  • Train artisan and building biogas plants
  • Demonstrating the use of bio-slurry to increase vegetable and plant production

Protecting & Distributing Village Water Suppllies

  • Building solar powered water distribution systems to deliver water to schools and villagers
  • Implementing village rainwater harvesting
  • Protecting water sources
  • Construct water system for schools